Platform Beds

Choosing the Best Platform Beds

Have you been caught up in the craze for platform beds recently? If so, you are definitely not alone in this case. Platform beds have become far more popular in the United States in the past few years. Before you rush out and buy a platform bed, however, you will be doing yourself a favor by spending the time to read some of the tips here. A little patience and research will leave you with the best platform bed possible. Rushing out to make a purchase without doing any research might leave you with a poor bed that makes you regret going with the platform bed craze. With just a little research, however, you can find platform beds that you will enjoy for many years.

Platform beds have become very popular in the past few years. As a result, many more manufacturers have entered the market, all claiming to offer the best value with their product. While many of these manufacturers are genuinely trying to offer a quality product, just as many are creating junk that is intended mainly to take your money. By doing a little research you can end up with a quality platform bed that will last for years. The research that you need to do only takes a couple of minutes, and can easily save you a great deal of money and time. The quality of platform beds can vary widely, from the cheapest of beds to the highest quality models. It might be easier to end up with a low quality platform bed than you might think. Even some of the more expensive beds, passing themselves off as quality models, can be made cheaply.

The first and most obvious sign of quality in platform beds has to be the presence or lack thereof of slats. Slats in a platform bed are designed to hold up and support a mattress. Without slats, you will have to stack one or maybe even two box springs underneath in order to use it. This will most likely look unattractive, and can even be an unexpected expense if you have to end up purchasing an extra box spring to make it work. Although platform beds without slats are going to be cheaper, it is definitely not worth the little bit of money you might save.

Even if a bed has slats, it might be of inferior quality. Lower quality beds typically have an oak or mahogany finish, but this is usually to hide the cheaper materials underneath, such as particle board. Cheaper materials will end breaking down before long, leaving you with an expensive and broken piece of furniture. Check before purchasing to make sure that your platform bed is actually made of high quality materials. Looking around online for reviews of a particular model is not a bad idea.

This might actually save you from buying inferior platform beds, as many manufacturers attempt to pass off expensive models as high quality when they are in reality cutting corners in its manufacturing.

It pays to be careful what you buy, as the market has been flooded by cheap imitations and knock offs in recent years. Although many high quality brands remain, it is all too easy to end up with a bad product if you aren't careful. When shopping for platform beds, be sure to ask plenty of questions about its construction and quality. A couple of questions can save you money and time when it comes to platform beds.